mikmak iphone app

In late 2014, I took on product management and user experience for MikMak, an ecommerce start up focused on selling entirely through a nightly feed of bold and quirky videos — “QVC for the iPhone generation.”

Starring a recurring cast of up-and-coming comedians and social media notables, the business sought to demonstrate the brand-impact and conversion potential of video. I worked with the team pre-product and pre-funding to help build and launch their app in beta, then iterating toward MikMak's public launch in June 2015.

Alongside the founder, I designed MikMak’s brand and style guide, including the logo, wordmark, color palette, graphical elements, user interface and video guidelines (to ensure optimal visuals across device sizes and platforms with variable interfaces). And to hedge against the high production costs that video merchandising entailed, I defined a toolkit of video backgrounds, overlays and animations to enable the editing team to produce multiple videos from every scene/shoot.

In addition to creative direction, I personally led product and experience design of MikMak’s flagship iPhone app (named Best New App by Apple in the Lifestyle category) and an embeddable web player for partner media sites. During my time working with the MikMak team, I also served as product manager for the admin-facing tools: defining feed management, scheduling and retail supply chain functions.

As part of a small product team (myself and two engineers), we iterated quickly to balance browsing and seeking experiences our users used to navigate our content. To drive novelty and variety for our users, we created a flexible tag-driven menu structure that could be curated on the back-end. To deepen the tendencies visible in our users' behavior, we developed dynamic user groups that could be identified through our analytics platforms so that we might serve varied content over time. These functions began to lay the groundwork for feed personalization.


The iPhone app anchored a four-month beta program prior to MikMak’s media launch in June 2015. Our beta cohort, consisting of both recruited and organic users, informed our iteration on user experience, video streaming optimizations, back-end curation tooling, and deepening our brand aesthetic. During this period, I directed the build out of comprehensive eventing and analytics capabilities to track engagement KPIs and audience metrics.

[Product manager & designer, 2014–15]