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App Stream

Designed for WPO's affiliate television stations, these iPhone and Android apps cover local events across local and national news and social media. In 2013, our partners used the configurable library of interactive patterns to launch apps featuring the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA playoffs, the North American International Auto Show, Florida's Gator Bowl and Detroit's classic car festival.

The product's newsfeed is powered by the Trove API allowing partners to curate each experience topically via internal and aggregated news sources and social media content (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The apps supply live video feeds and scoreboards for enthusiasts at a distance and event information for local attendees.

The ever-expanding system has driven significant advertising revenue for partners and was selected by event executives as the official app for the auto show. Additionally, the platform has been deployed to other business units to ship apps for The Root 100: Top Black Influencers, the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, and Capital Insight's Poll Watch.

Design director, 2012–2013

Trove Pickmarklet

Originally developed for our internal editorial team and power-curators, the Trove "pickmarklet" allows users to add articles and comments to their curated streams in the Trove iOS app. It has also served as a low-risk environment to test curation flows and a new look-and-feel for the Trove brand.

Design director, 2013


Personal Post

Interest-graph powered recommendations for users of, Personal Post was integrated across the site and in email newsletters. The product allowed explicit topic-subscription  and employed browsing history and collaborative filtering to drive deeper engagement and longer time-on-site.

Behind the scenes, the Trove platform promoted WP articles as they peaked within their respective sections and topics as interest accelerated across global news publishers.

 Lead UX designer, 2011–2012

Wordnik SDK & UIKit

I led design for Plausible Labs as we developed this dictionary tool released as an iOS SDK and UI kit. Wordnik's API provides contextually-tunable dictionary data (for example, it returns business-oriented definitions and examples sentences from today’s Wall Street Journal when looking up words from a management book). I designed the dictionary widget for two discrete sets of users: readers on mobile devices and app-developers implementing the tool within e-readers, news magazines, digital textbooks and browsers.

The definition look-up and list-making experiences draws from print dictionary and web-2.0 conventions. The systems provides a concise system of visual hierarchy and elegant typography (within a bespoke Objective-C text renderer) to maintain navigability and readability for users, and offer developers the ability to style the tool to compliment their app design.

UI designer, 2010